The Seattle Santa's
Christmas Eve Charity Walk
for the Homeless

This was our tradition for a decade, and new ones are beginning that I will tell you about... A large portion of proceeds & donations that Mrs. Claus and I collected throughout the season, was distributed to the homeless and those in need - by me, along with some big-hearted volunteers - on Christmas Eve morning, during a walk from Westlake to Pike's Place Market.

Each baggie, with some being filled specifically toward the needs of men or women, included socks, gloves, handwarmers, a couple travel-sized toiletries, Christmas candy, a snack, a small gift such as a tube of lipstick or chapstick, and a $5 bill - JUST because it was Christmas. HO HO HO!!!

Our volunteers would also bring new (popular & nice!) toys. Over the years, more than a few low-income or homeless parents came and went with real toys for the good kids in their homes or on the street. Anything left over was taken to the shelters by our active volunteers.

This annual walk was always a humbling & heart-warming experience that we looked forward to every year...

One of the most heartbreaking things... every year, toward the end, Santa's bag would be empty too soon. For awhile, there were only a few people we would not have enough for. There were usually a few tears. Sometimes, some of our volunteers would bring extra $5 bills to hand out to just a few more - but now, with soaring homeless numbers, it has become too dangerous for us to continue. Its not easy to see Santa and get nothing, you know... And since we were in a place of causing more heartache than we were of alleviating it, we had to stop.


Last year, for the 2017 holiday season, we simply divided monetary donations to Mary's House and other Seattle shelters & charities for the homeless. This year, we are hoping that another community avenue will open up for us; because inspiring and giving back to the community in vibrant, meaningful and genuinely-uplifting ways - was what this walk for the homeless was all about...

Rest assured, a significant portion of every family visit or Christmas party that Santa and Mrs. Claus attend, still goes to the neediest places. Some of our volunteers work directly with Seattle's homeless charities & shelters for us to delegate that responsibility to them with confidence.

In the meantime, HO HO HO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
We will keep you updated about Santa's upcoming mission this season.