Custom Santa Videos

A custom video from Santa is a great way to share a personal message from Santa direct from the North Pole! Has someone been extra good this year and have a special surprise coming? Maybe someone got themselves on the naughty list and needs a little motivation to shape up before the big day? Santa is happy to work with you to ensure that the video you order is as personal as possible for the recipient to really bring that Christmas magic through!

(Please include pronunciation information if needed. For example Kailleh - let us know if that would be pronounced Kay-Lee, Cal-Lee, or Kay-Lah?)
For example did they get good grades? Love riding bikes? Win an award? Something they need to work on to get off the naughty list? Having personal details can help us make the video more meaningful, but keep in mind that videos are typically only up to 1 minute in length!
If you have not yet submitted payment, and do not require assistance, please use the buttons below to do so. Videos will not be created without successful submission of payment. Paypal, Venmo, and all major credit/debit cards are accepted. If you need technical assistance, please indocate so in the area for questions.

Example Video #1

Michael and Karen have definitely made the good list this year! But is it enough for Karen to get that pony?

Example Video #2

Marvin has gone out of his way to be such a helpful young man. Santa can hardly contain how proud he is

Please select either Custom Santa Videos or Zoom calls and select the quantity being ordered.