Zoom Calls with Santa

Oh Ho Ho! Santa loves a good virtual visit! We know sometimes the weather or health don’t permit an in-person visit, or sometimes it’s just easier to say hello from the comfort of your home! If you are interested in a Zoom call with Santa, please fill out the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Santa's schedule can be hectic of course this time of year! So we ask that you include 3 potential options for setting your call. We will reach out to you to either confirm or work with you y and time that accomodates both Santa and your family.
For example did they get good grades? Win an award? Have certain hobbies? Something they need to work on to get off the naughty list? The more info we have, the more personalized Santa's video can be!


Please DO NOT submit payment until your scheduled call has been confirmed.

We want to ensure that we can accommodate your schedule first.  After your call has been scheduled, you can return to this page to process your payment and make your booking official.

We ask that payment be received with 24 hours of confirmation to ensure we can hold that date and time for you. 

Please select either Custom Santa Videos or Zoom calls and select the quantity being ordered.